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6501 Kristiansund N

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The Fjord Route (Fjordruta) is a unique hiking route - see here for more information of maps.

190 km marked trails with magnificent sea and ocean views, mountain ridges and through lush valleys on the coast. 13 cabins with good standard. Most of the cabins are not far from the road and you can travel to and from by car, bus or taxi. Several of the cabins offer good fishing.

Click here to see amazing 360 degrees view from one of the mountains on the Fjord Route, Jurtinden in Tustna.

Fjordruta has both demanding and less demanding parts. Most of the routes between the cabins are suitable for families. You should be in general good physical condition.
Fjordruta crosses over several islands and peninsulas and can be done as a 14-day trip - or you can make a hike for just a few days.

Download brocheure of Fjordruta here.

DNT-key can be purchased from Kristiansund and Nordmøre Tourist Association, tel. + 47 71 67 69 37.

Suggestions for 4-day trip:

Day 1: Kristiansund - Gullstein cabin. A total of about 8.5 hours.
Start the Kristiansund Airport. Walk in relatively flat, pine-clad terrain (approx. 1.5 h). Ferry Seivika - Tømmervåg about 25 min. Walking Tømmervåg - Trollstua cabin, about 1.5 h. Follow the signs about 200 m after the ferry landing. Hiking through open woods to Trollstua cabin. From Trollstua of Jørgenvågsalen with magnificent views over fjords, sea and mountains. The trip can be made easier by selecting the valleys between Jørgenvågsalen (Jurtind) and Skarven. Stay on the Gullstein cabin.

Day 2: Gullstein - Imarbu. A total of about 6.5 hours.
Walking from the cabin to main road Gullstein (about 3.5 hours). Path and the small road in a wooded area. Follow the road from Gullstein church, sign "Imarbu" (follow the main road on foot or by taxi), about 1.5 km. On the Soleim bridge, walk about 100 meters along the highway, take the path on the right side and walk in the grounds of Nauthattan, continue to Imarsundet bridges. After the bridges, turn right and follow signs to Imarbu (road). Last 300 m is the path, no way. Stay on Imarbu cabin.

Day 3: Imarbu - Nersetra, total about 5 hours.
From Imarbu along the footpath and road. Turn right, walk 800 meters on private toll road (pedestrians free), then about 1 km in the terrain. Continue on the toll road to the intersection Hundhammar lake. Path to Voll lake (north side). Forest terrain past Sagvatnet, then down to Foldfjorden. Go to the sea end (small path and road), steeply down towards the buildings. Cross the highway, follow signs to Nersetra. Stay on Nersetra.

Day 4: Nersetra - Kjelklia (close to Aure centre) - bus to Kristiansund (about 6 hours excluding bus)
Walking Nersetra over the mountains in the north-easterly direction down to Giset. Go over the bridges to Kjelklia (roundabout at Aure), bus from there to Kristiansund.

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Trollstua - Mountain Lodge

Trollstua is nicely located at the lake Bjønnavatnet on Tustna. By the cabin is a boathouse with a rowing boat and two canoes. Trollstua is a nice place to be for families with children. One can use canoes to get to the lake Røsvatnet. The cabin is...

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Gullsteinsvollen - Mountain Lodge

Two cabins at old summer mountain pasture, with great view overlooking the sea, Edøy, Smøla and the "Tustna Alps". The cabin lies on Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association's "Fjord Route", visit for maps and more...

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Imarbu - Mountain Lodge

Located at Viavikneset in Imarsundet, Imarbu is beautifally placed by the sea - Imarbu is in fact the Fjord Route's only self serviced cabin by the sea. The local goat boat as well as fishing equipment is available for visitors. The cabin is also nice as...

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Nersetra - Mountain Lodge

Nersetra is a larger farm that Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association (KNT) took over in 2001. Background for this takeover was that the association wanted to use the farm as a base for the Children's Trekking Club, and also to establish a...

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Rovangen - Mountain Lodge

Rovangen is idyllically located by the lake Rostolvatnet east of Rostolen, about 7 kilometres from Aure centre. 2 buildings, the smallest (bought by Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association in 2008) and a new building in timber. Fishing in...

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Storfiskhytta - Mountain Lodge

Storfiskhytta was built the summer of 2001, and opened autumn the same year. The cabin was completed by voluntary work by Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association's members and other interested. Located in an exciting, hilly terrain, ideal for...

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Sollia - Mountain Lodge

Sollia was built in 2002-03 and is a restored stone barn partly built by materials from timber saved after a fire in a klipfish wharf in Kristiansund in 2001. The view over the fjord and further towards the mountains in the south is extravagant. One...

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Storlisetra - Mountain Lodge

Storlisetra is a restored summer mountain pasture and the work was carried out through voluntary work in 2002-03. The cabin is easily accessible on the hill south of Vinjeøra. Park at the sign by E39 opposite of the Tourist Information sign, and walk...

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Grytbakksetra - Mountain Lodge

Nice summer pastery farm suitable for families. Great view towards Trollheimen- og Sunndalsmountains. Waterfalls and bathing areas nearby. Self-service, open all year. 24 beds in total....

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Hermannhytta - Mountain Lodge

Hermannnytta has been a part of Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association since 2002, when it was bought in order to connect the Fjord Route with the cabins in Trollheimen (Vindøldalen). Originally the cabin was located at Røv in Surnadal, and...

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Hardbakkhytta - Mountain Lodge

Hardbakkhytta is located nicely on a hight, next to a small tarn, and has an amazing view in all directions: south one can see Trollheimen in the west and Romsdalsfjella to the east. North is the northern part of the Fjord Route, and the ocean. The cabin...

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Tverrlihytta - Mountain Lodge

Tverrlihytta was built the summer of 1999, and is the second last cabin on the southern part of the Fjord Route. It was opened autumn 1999. The cabin was built with funds from - among others - the Olav Thon Foundation and was completed through voluntary...

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Jutulbu - Mountain Lodge

Jutulbu is nicely located on a small hill top south of Tussan in the mountain area between Bøfjorden and Skålvikfjorden in Halsa municipality. The cabin is the last one the Fjord Route if one walks from cabin to cabin with final stop at Vullum at Halsa...

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