Sunndal municipality

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 62.674596450
Longitude: 8.5617399215
Romsdalsv. 2
6600 Sunndalsøra

Phone71 69 90 00
Fax71 69 90 11

The modern Sunndal community has been built up over the past 60 years. Today Sunndal and its central settlement Sunndalsøra is a commercial and cultural centre known throughout Norway.

The annual cultural week with the musical pageant about Lady Arbuthnott and many concerts in addition to the unique museums and National Park Centre are attractions created by humans.

The fantastic countryside with mountains more than 1600 metres high and with a well built-out system of marked trails into the mountains with their exotic fauna is Nature's contribution to the attractions on offer.

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Sunndal is the southernmost and largest of the Nordmøre municipalities. It borders on Surnadal to the north-east and Tingvoll to the north. To the west, we have the municipality of Nesset and to the south and southeast we find Oppland and Sør-Trøndelag.

Bus service to Kristiansund, Molde, Oppdal and Surnadal. Highway 70 to the south passes through the district and leads up to Oppdal with its rail connections to Oslo and Trondheim. Bus from Kristiansund to Oppdal offers connections with the rail going to Oslo and Trondheim. Bus routes follow Highway 70 to the north to Tingvoll and Kristiansund via the E39 and to the west via Highway 62 to Molde.

Poppulation: 7 400

Administrative centre:
Sunndaløra with council offices, cultural centre and a wide variety of shops in centres and along shopping streets. Off-licence, bank, schools, doctor, dentist, chemist. Hydro Aluminium is Europe's largest and most modern manufacturer of aluminium, and the works have a dominant position in Sunndalsøra.

· Driva, a well-known salmon and trout river. Litledalselva is a good trout river.
· Åmotan mountain gorge at Grødalen, where four river cascade down the mountainside.
· Leikvin cultural heritage park with collections from Lady Barbara Arbuthnott's estate, rural museum, rhododendron park and burial sites at Løykja.
· Innderdalen is Norway's fabulous mountain valley with Innerdalstårnet mountain and well-known walking trails to Sunndal, Oppdal and Todalen.
· Sunndal National Park Centre with its hands-on models presents the magnificent Dovre and Sunndal mountain national parks with musk oxen, wild reindeer, wolverines and more than 2000 lakes for angling and 250 glaciers.
· One of Norway's most spectacular roads in the fantastic and dramatic countryside runs from Sunndalsøra up Litledalen to Aursjøen, then on to Finsetlia to Eikesdalen.

· Organized excursions with wilderness activities, mountain walks, wilderness school, courses in mountain climbing, etc.
· Statkraft arranges visits to the local power plant.
· Golf club with a 6 hole course.
· Sunndalsøra is a commercial centre for the interior of Nordmøre and parts of Romsdal.
· With two hotels, an inn, cabin and camping complex, and mountain lodges in the various mountain districts, Sunndal maintains a high level of services.
· All ordinary goods and services are available.
· Several cafés, restaurants, pub/bars, an off-licence, health and social welfare institutions.

Contact details

Destination Kristiansund & Nordmøre
Kongens Plass 1
P.O. Box 508
N-6501 Kristiansund

Tel +47 71 58 54 54


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